Advice in the preclinical development of new neuro-active compounds. The Neuron Experts team (operational and scientific) provides support and advice in your R&D programs and also in the development of new molecules in specific disease indications.

Our expertise consists in leading new molecules (lead compounds) with high potential in candidate molecule status.

Based on our expertise, Neuron Experts provides advices and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Cell culture models in neurology
  • Neuro-pharmacology and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neuro-dermatology and neuronal linked skin disorders
  • Preclinical development of new drugs in the field of neurology

Research & Developpement

To keep up its high level of competitiveness, Neuron Experts constantly develops new cellular models to provide the most accurate answers to customers’ needs:

  • Development of new neurodegenerative disease models following current discoveries of new therapeutic targets
  • Development of new cellular models to study interaction between neurons and skin
  • Development of human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPS) to be closer to physiological conditions found in human beings

Furthermore, Neuron Experts develops “on demand” new models of neurologic and skin linked disorders in close collaboration with our clients.

Customized Solutions

A customized activity aimed to disclose a potential neuroprotective and/or neurotrophic activity of new molecules, as the absence of neurotoxicity, using programs specifically elaborated and tailored according to our customers’ needs.

Neuron Experts provides cultures specifically developed to reproduce human pathologies and to predict the activity of a molecule in a specific disease leading to preclinical and clinical developments.

Upon the basis of these cultures, Neuron Experts is able to perform functional activity experiments (electric activity, calcium release, cellular contractions for nerve-muscle co-culture…), in order to reveal neurotrophic activities and/or neuroprotective effects.

All of these studies include a comparison of activity between reference molecules used in clinical experiments (if existing) in order to assess and confirm the predicted effects of our cell models.

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Cellular models at the forefront of research to target neurodegenerative diseases


Innovative cell-based assays to support cosmetic claims