It may be important to modulate muscle tone, whether to increase it (counteracting muscle weakness in neuropathies) or to reduce it (participating in reducing facial wrinkles).

Upon stimulation of motor neurons and the release of Acetylcholine, skeletal muscles contracts. These contractions are useful for having a proper movement quality. In neuropathies, one of the symptoms is the weakness of muscles. It can thus be of interest to reactivate a proper connection / communication between, motor neurons and muscles cells.

On the other hand, and on some targeted area of the face, conjugated with a decrease of the elasticity of the skin, repetitive movements can worsen apparition of wrinkles.

Cell System

  • Human derived iPS cells motor neurons
  • Human derived iPS cells motor neurons + muscles cells

Model of activation

  • Chemical activation (DMP)
  • Chemical inhibition (WIN, a-bung)

Endpoint evaluation

  • Frequency of contraction measurement (film)
  • Acetylcholine release assay
  • Receptors expression / colocalization
Card image

Coculture of Human motoneuron with human muscle cells, Green: β-tubulin; Blue: DAPI; White: α-bungarotoxin; red: Ilet

  • Vesicles detection