Some receptors of sensory neurons, TRPM8 receptors, are specialized in detecting cold temperature and cooling agents.

Whether it is to help withstand the summer heat or to participate in providing a feeling of calm and well-being, cold agents are widely used in cosmetic and dermatological formulations.
Some receptors of sensory neurons are specialized in detecting cold temperature, the TRPM8 receptors.

These receptors not only detect temperature by itself but can also be activated by compounds such as menthol creating the pleasant cold sensation. These compounds are qualified as cooling agent.

Neuron Experts has developed models allowing to identify cooling agents.

Cell System

  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + skin cells (keratinocytes…)
  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + reconstructed epidermis (StratiCELL)

Model of activation

  • Chemical activation (menthol)

Endpoint Evaluation

  • Neuropeptides release assay
  • Calcium mobilization assay
  • Receptors expression / colocalization
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