Neuron Experts develops a complete set of automatic segmentation algorithms and visualization functions for image analysis.

Image Acquisition

InCell 2200 and Image Xpress Confocal are automatic microscopes capable of tacking images with 4 different wavelenght and up to X 60 magnification in multisupport (96 well plates, micro fluidic chambers, ....).

Image Processing by Developer And In Carta

The image analysis is a process that consists of extracting meaningful information from segmented images, such as object recognition and counting, pattern search, measurements of objects properties, etc.

The image segmentation is an operation on the processed images which aims to bring together the pixels between them (homogeneous area) according to specific criteria (intensity, morphology, texture, etc.) in order to separate and identify each category of visible components.

Developer and In Carta are a toolkit that offers a series of image processing applications to explore various algorithmic approaches.

  • Adaptive filters to increase the signal to noise ratio to emphasize characteristics of the images
  • Morphological operators (erosion, dilation, ...)
  • These tasks can be performed through “Macro” development using specific functions adapted for each type of image.

Your applications


Cellular models at the forefront of research to target neurodegenerative diseases


Innovative cell-based assays to support cosmetic claims