Sensory neurons are able to regulate melanocytes proliferation and dendricity and to induce melanogenesis through the secretion of neurotransmitters.

Melanocytes and sensory neurons are both issued from the neural crest. The two cell types not only share a common embryonic origin but are also closely related in the skin. Indeed, so-called synapse-like structures have been identified between melanocytes and neurons. It has been established that sensory neurons a release neuromodulators that impact melanocyte function. Some of these messengers are identified to acts directly on melanocytes and others via the intermediary of keratinocytes.

By acting on sensory neurons it is possible to modulate melanogenesis.

Neuron Experts developed multi-culture models allowing to study compounds effect on the multicellular interactions that modulate melanogenesis in skin.

Cell System

  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + keratinocytes
  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + melanocytes
  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + keratinocytes + melanocytes

Model of activation

  • Chemical activation
  • UV activation

Endpoint evaluation

  • Melanocyte dendricity
  • Melanogenesis markers expression
  • Melanin content detection