Sensory neurons are the focal point of sensitive skin and targeting nociceptors could help provide a soothing sensation.

Sensitive skin is described as “A syndrome defined by the occurrence of unpleasant sensations (stinging, burning, pain, pruritus, and tingling sensations) in response to stimuli that normally should not provoke such sensations“. These unpleasant sensations are not due to lesions attributable to any skin disease but to the dysregulation of the sensory system and can affect all body locations. The development of sensitive skin syndrome can be due to environmental parameters such as pollution, but also be inherent to the person and can be aggravated by psychological stress, a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin, lifestyle...

A dysfunction of sensory neuron receptors, including nociceptors, is involved in the pathology of sensitive skin and the negative sensations it causes.

Targeting key sensory neurons receptors and thus modulating neuromodulators release is thus a major concern to alleviate sensitive skin. Neuron Experts has developed cellular models allowing to evaluate the ability of compounds to soothe sensitive skin.

Cell System

  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + skin cells (keratinocytes…)
  • Humans iPS derived sensory neurons + reconstructed epidermis (StratiCELL)

Model of activation

  • Capsaicin induced neuro-inflammation
  • Chronic cortisol treatment to sensitize TRPV1 receptors

Endpoint Evaluation

  • Calcium mobilization
  • Neuropeptides release assay
  • Cytokines release assay
  • Receptors expression / colocalization