Because sensory neurons are responsible for signal transduction of itch, whatever the cause, to the central nervous system, and participate in the maintenance of chronic itch sensation, they are a major target for itch relief.

Itch is defined as the sensation that causes the desire to scratch. Multiple phenomena are at the origin of itchy sensations in the skin (dry skin, allergies, scarring…). Due to the complexity and diversity of itch signaling pathways, this disabling sensation is sometimes difficult to soothe.

Even if all mechanisms are not known or fully understood, some sensory neuron receptors are already identified and can be targeted by molecules to inhibit the itching sensations.

Neuron Experts develops models to evaluate the ability to soothe itching sensation by targeting distinctively the different signaling pathways at the origin of the sensation.

Cell System

  • Humans IPS derived sensory neurons + skin cells (keratinocytes ...)
  • Humans IPS derived sensory neurons + reconstructed epidermis (StratiCELL)

Models of activation

  • Chemical activation (histamine, AITC ...)

Endpoint Evaluation

  • Neuropeptides release assays
Card image
Card image

Human sensory neurons
DAPI / tubuline / TRPA1

Card image

Human sensory neurons
DAPI / tubuline / HRH1