Skin aging

The structure and integrity of the skin varies during the development of the individual. With age, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles are deepened, and its protective barrier loses its effectiveness notably leading to significant water loss. On the face, the main wrinkles are formed by expression lines related to muscle contraction. Skin density also decreases with age. The search for alternatives to the botulinum toxin is one of the keys to healthy glowing skin.  The cutaneous innervation density also decreases with age.


Cell system :

  • Primary cultures of sensory neurons +/- stimulation by Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)
  • Co- culture of sensory neurons and keratinocytes
  • Nerve-muscle co-culture
  • Dorsal Root Ganglion explant with and without target



Endpoint evaluation :

  • Sensory neuron endings analysis and free nerve endings quantification
  • Analysis of specific receptors (TRPV1, TrkA …) in models with sensory neurons
  • Model of nerve-muscle co-culture: spontaneous contractions of muscle fibers and analysis of myorelaxant effect





Film 1 Skin Aging
 Spontaneous contraction of nerve-muscle model